50 thesis topic ideas that will make you go ‘wow’

Writing a thesis is a must if you want to get your degree. But easier said than done, right?

Even choosing a topic can be unbearably time-consuming! To make matters worse, most topics you can find online are either bland or overused – or both.

Luckily for you, lists like this one exist. Compiled by a seasoned thesis writing service, it contains 50 topic ideas that are both unconventional and compelling. Feel free to use them as-is for your thesis – or build on them to settle on the topic that’s truly yours.

50 thesis topic ideas that will make you go ‘wow’

How to choose thesis topics: your mini-guide

Struggling because you have too many thesis topics ideas? Or because you have no ideas for thesis topics at all? Here’s how to get out of this decision-making limbo:

1. Reflect on your interests to find a topic compelling for you.
2. Do some research to look into the possible subjects and topics.
3. Ask your advisor to suggest topics or give feedback on your ideas.
4. Consider topics’ relevance and potential impact.
5. Make a shortlist and pick the most alluring option.

After your topic gets approved, you can ask a writer, “Write my thesis for me,” or start doing it yourself.

Computer science thesis topics

– Using large language models (LLMs) to detect fake news: applications, perspectives, and limitations.
– How machine learning can automate software quality control.
– Developing a real-time emotion recognition system using facial expression and speech analysis.
– How Internet-of-Things can transform agriculture: smart farming applications.
– Enabling user privacy in the age of data: creating a no-follow protocol for users.

Sociology thesis topics

– Investigating the impact of income inequality on social mobility and access to education.
– How the gig economy influences labor relations and social welfare: case studies and lessons.
– Non-violent social movements: are they still effective for policy change and social justice?
– Gender pay gap in the workplace: factors that contribute to it and how to minimize their impact.
– Epidemic of loneliness: the role of social media and how to counteract it.

History thesis topics

– The role of propaganda in shaping public opinion on the war in the Allies and Axis countries during World War II.
– How the Mongol Empire shaped the history of Asia and Europe.
– Colonialism and the development of African nations: impact on their economies, ideologies, and technological progress.
– The role of slavery in the economic development of the United States.
– Investigating the relationship between science and religion in the Enlightenment period.

Economics thesis topics

– Large language models (LLMs) and their impact on the job market: history and projections.
– The impact of immigration on developed countries’ labor markets and economic performance.
– Poverty reduction and social welfare policies: the relationship between the two.
– Do environmental regulations hinder economic growth?
– Stimulus checks: are they effective in mitigating a recession?

Finance thesis topics

– How crypto exchanges impact traditional finance markets: an FTX case study.
– The effect of fiscal stimulus policies on financial stability and asset pricing.
– Behavioral biases and how they impact investment decision-making and portfolio performance.
– Macroeconomic variables and how they influence stock market returns and volatility.
– Banking crisis of 2023 and its impact on investor behavior.

Interior design thesis topics

– Biophilic design and its applications in promoting mental well-being in interior spaces.
– Interior design and sustainability: how to create spaces with zero carbon footprint.
– The effect of natural and artificial lighting on mental well-being in interior design.
– Small space interior design and ergonomics: how to make small spaces enjoyable.
– Virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) and its applications in interior design.

Cyber security thesis topics

– Cloud infrastructure and automated cybersecurity: applications and use cases.
– Finding and fixing vulnerabilities in smart farming Internet-of-Things systems.
– Social engineering: its role in cybersecurity and how to counteract it.
– Biometric authentication: is it effective in enhancing cybersecurity?
– Protecting outdated systems against ransomware.

Marketing thesis topics

– Marketing to Gen Z: effective and ineffective strategies.
– Impact of ChatGPT on search engine optimization and content marketing.
– Personalization at scale and its impact on brand perception and consumer trust.
– Influencer marketing: its effectiveness, implementation strategies, and return on investment.
– The effectiveness of social proof in fostering brand trust: certifications vs. media vs. user-generated content.

MBA Thesis topics

– How mergers and acquisitions impact firm value and performance.
– The relationship between corporate social responsibility (CSR) and financial performance.
– How business process automation impacts employee engagement and satisfaction.
– Digital transformation and its impact on the financial performance of small and mid-sized businesses.
– Business models in a digital era: new monetization strategies that are profitable.

Philosophy thesis topics

– Are complete free will and moral responsibility incompatible?
– Stoicism and its benefits in everyday life.
– Artificial intelligence and ethics: the ethical guidelines that AI tools should embody.
– Nihilism: a solution to the mind-body problem?
– How does language impact thought – and vice versa?


Our experts advise you to start by doing plenty of research on your topic. Once you ramp up your knowledge on the matter, you’re ready to pinpoint the problem your research will address, how you’ll do so, and who stands to benefit from your findings.

For one, your thesis has to be your unique contribution to the field. This means your topic has to be original and impactful. It also has to contain original research, be it an experiment or a case study. And, of course, every decent dissertation proposal writing service will confirm it can’t be plagiarized.

The best thesis topics ideas are the ones that fit this bill:
– They’re interesting to you and focus on what you want to explore;
– They can make a real impact on the field;
– They’re original and unique for the field;
– They’re in line with your institution’s and advisor’s requirements.

If you’re stuck with your thesis, you can always reach out to your advisor. They’ll help you iron out certain details or direct you toward relevant sources. But they won’t edit your thesis for you. If you need help with that, you can turn to a dissertation editing service.

Sum up

Finding the right topic for a thesis isn’t something to be taken lightly. You’ll be working on it for hundreds of hours throughout the year. So, it has to be intriguing to you, first and foremost. It also has to be original enough for the field, as the thesis serves as your contribution to it.

Once you settle on the topic, your journey only begins. Writing a thesis is a time-consuming endeavor. And what if you can’t allocate enough time to writing a thesis on your own? Don’t worry: that’s what buy thesis online website are for! Get hiqh-quality thesis writing help from professional hepler.

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