Dissertation vs thesis: the key differences you should mind

The closer you get to graduation, the tougher the assignments get. Projects, coursework, and even essays get more and more challenging. However, your thesis or dissertation papers top it all. And if you might want to prepare for what comes next, you need to know the main thesis vs dissertation differences.

This knowledge will come handy, no matter whether you’re planning to tackle the research on your own or use custom dissertation writing services to ease your struggles. So, without further ado, let’s look at the peculiarities of both works so you can learn the purpose and characteristics of each.

How to choose a dissertation topic to awe your faculty?

Every so often, the defense committee can shape the whole opinion on your research just by looking at your topic.

There are a few things to think over when placing an order at dissertation writing services:
Beware of overdone topics. Make sure that it’s not too general, like “effects of global warming on marine life.”
Are there enough sources? There is no point in a niche topic when you cannot back it up with scholarly arguments.
How well does it resemble your research question?

And with these points in mind, here are suggestions for relevant dissertation topics in 2023.

Dissertation vs thesis

What is a thesis?

Things get confusing from time to time. You start googling the differences, and you may run into claims that a dissertation and a thesis are basically identical. Both works are quite lengthy, but they are far from being the same.

So, what is a thesis? In brief, it’s the compilation of your research during your college tenure. Thus, if you decide to turn to some thesis service, you should attach all the relevant papers you’ve done prior. It’s easier to craft a thesis than a dissertation, as you’ve already completed the work your piece will be based on.

What is a dissertation?

Now, what is dissertation paper? This work differs from a thesis in its length. The average dissertation length is up to 300 pages. The work is divided into several chapters and ends up with a short conclusion.

Unlike a thesis, a dissertation is not a compilation of research you’ve done in the past. This work is based on brand-new research. Thus, the purpose of this type of paper is to present a new theory or finding. If you’re planning to send a write my dissertation request to professionals, you can allow more freedom to the writer in this case.

Difference between thesis and dissertation

It seems that we’ve more or less figured out the difference between dissertation and thesis, but things don’t stop here. Yes, the latter is generally up to 100 pages in length, while the former can exceed 300 pages. Also, the works have different aims.

A thesis is based on previous research and is more about providing your own point of view on existing theory, while a dissertation requires conducting new research to come up with a fresh theory. Thus, a dissertation describes your research that proves or at least supports your theory.

Difference between dissertation and thesis in terms of degree

While it may seem that we’ve already answered the question what is the difference between a thesis and a dissertation, there are still things that we need to discuss. The papers are required for different degrees.

Generally, you’re required to write a thesis to complete your Master’s degree. That’s why it’s based on the research you’ve conducted throughout the academic program. If you’re planning to get a Ph.D., you’ll have to conduct absolutely new research on your subject and document it in your dissertation. That’s the major difference between the two types of papers.

What do dissertation and thesis have in common?

After disclosing the major difference between thesis and dissertation, it’s time to determine whether the two have something in common.

You already know that you require both pieces of research to obtain a certain degree, but similarities between thesis and dissertation don’t end there:

– Both papers require an in-depth knowledge of the subject and a considerable investment of time — writing a thesis may take several months, while a dissertation may take more than one year.
– With both academic papers, you need to be ready to rewrite and edit extensively, taking into consideration the feedback from your faculty and peers.
– You need to employ oratory skills in both cases, as you’ll have to defend your work in front of the defense committee to get a degree.

Thus, you have to be dead serious when approaching each of the two tasks.

Structure of a thesis

You already know the answer to the question, “how long are thesis papers?” Now let’s figure out what content should fill those 80 to 100 pages. A thesis consists of the following:
– title page;
– abstract;
– table of contents;
– main body;
– conclusion;
– appendices with figures or data tables.

Mind that those are typical thesis components, but the structural requirements may vary from one institution to another. That’s why it’s important to learn the structural peculiarities before starting your work or leaving a write my thesis for me request at some custom academic writing service.

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Structure of a dissertation

Things are more complex here, regardless of whether you’ll seek dissertation writing help or work on your own. Let’s see how the process goes:

1. It starts with a title page followed by acknowledgments.
2. Then goes the abstract and table of contents.
3. You get to the introduction.
4. You add literature review and theoretical framework.
5. Now is time for your methodology.
6. You present the list of findings along with their discussion.
7. You get to the conclusion.
8. A reference list and appendices come last.

All that content easily justifies the length of dissertation.

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How to perform oral presentation of the research content

The oral presentation is probably the most stressful aspect of the whole thesis or dissertation preparation. But, to be fair, the process is not as scary as a lot of people consider it to be. After all, it’s just showing your work in good light.

Basically, you have to explain what research you have conducted. Emphasize why you consider it to be important. Explain how you did it, what the results are, and what they mean. In other words, you need to summarize the content of your work in a nutshell.

The time for your presentation is limited, so you shouldn’t focus on each section longer than five minutes. And you need to be ready for both clarifying and rhetorical questions that the committee might ask. Practice responding to various tricky questions before the actual defense. And when the date comes, believe in yourself so you can exert confidence.

Different interpretations from country to country

The United States

Everything mentioned above answered the questions of what is a thesis and what is a dissertation in the United States. A thesis is the final project you have to do to obtain a Master’s degree. A dissertation is a lengthier piece you must write and defend to get a Ph.D.


In Europe, things work differently. The work you write to get your Ph.D. in Europe is generally called a thesis. A dissertation is another post-graduate piece written after obtaining a Ph.D. It may allow you to gain grants for research in your field of study.

The difference in the research purpose

Another thesis and dissertation difference lies in the purpose of each. Considering everything mentioned above, you can say that the obvious difference is reflected in the degrees you can get. But here, we are talking about the intent of the written research.

The primary purpose of a thesis is to present the knowledge you gained during the Master’s program or, more broadly, your understanding of existing information. In contrast, the critical aim behind a dissertation is creating and presenting a new concept, which you need to defend with relevant findings backed by solid evidence.


The average Masters thesis length ranges from 80 to 100 pages. Students are given up to eight months to craft it. Things can go faster if you decide to buy thesis from experts. Yet, you need to be realistic, so consider ordering it at least three months before the deadline.

Taking into account the time it takes to conduct research for a PhD thesis, you might need three to eight years on average. However, some gifted students manage to complete their PhDs in one year. After all, everything depends on your background knowledge, skills, and motivation.

It’s not difficult to understand the thesis vs dissertation concept. A thesis is a final project students write based on previous research to get a Master’s degree. A dissertation is a post-graduate work serving to obtain a Ph.D. degree. A dissertation is a lengthier piece focused on new research.

If you’re planning to start working on a dissertation for PhD, consider psychology, computer sciences, physics, and chemical engineering. Those fields are the most popular nowadays. Besides, your PhD subject doesn’t have to correlate with the one you studied for your Master’s or Bachelor’s degree.

Sum up

Now you know the main dissertation vs thesis characteristics, both in the United States and Europe. But, regardless of local terminology, the papers differ in their purpose, length, structure, and degree you can get. Hopefully, this information will come in handy if you plan to work on or buy dissertation online from experts.

Don’t forget that if you’d like to get professional help with your thesis, you should provide the hired writer with the research you’ve conducted throughout your Master’s program. And don’t skip thorough preparation for your defense: oral presentation can make or break the committee’s overall impression.