100 hot dissertation topics

Do you have no idea how to pick your dissertation topic? If so, you’ve already spent too much time looking up examples online. But there’s no need to waste any minute working on your topic anymore.

This article gives you tons of ideas on relevant academic research topics. From nursing to leadership studies, it has you covered. So, you’ll have something to order from a dissertation service. There are plenty to choose from!

100 hot dissertation topics for 2023

How to choose a dissertation topic to awe your faculty?

Every so often, the defense committee can shape the whole opinion on your research just by looking at your topic.

There are a few things to think over when placing an order at dissertation writing services:
Beware of overdone topics. Make sure that it’s not too general, like “effects of global warming on marine life.”
Are there enough sources? There is no point in a niche topic when you cannot back it up with scholarly arguments.
How well does it resemble your research question?

And with these points in mind, here are suggestions for relevant dissertation topics in 2023.

Social work dissertation topics

Any topic in the social work field should aim at practical application. The whole subject is based on finding solutions for complex social issues. Naturally, the research topics for social work relate heavily to marginalized groups or social workers themselves. So, here are a few ideas of relevant and topical issues to pursue as your dissertation topic:

1. Accessibility of Social Assistance for Low-Income Parents With Drug Addiction
2. Effects of Gentrification on Transportation to Health Care: Global Pandemic Experience
3. “Pains of Gradual Release”: The Reintegration Paradox Among Ex- Convicts Due to Lack of Social Reintegration Preparation Programs
4. Veteran Social Reintegration Programs Beyond Support Meetings
5. Vocational Rehabilitation for Workers on Sick Leave With Mental Illness
6. Juvenile Delinquency Prevention Through Occupational Therapy
7. Involving Racial Literacy During the Social Work Training
8. How to Build Trauma Resilience for a Long-Lasting Career in Social Work
9. The Efficiency of Technology for Distant Relationship-Based Social Work During the COVID-19 Pandemic
10. Intertwining Indigenous Knowledge With Social Work Practice

Higher education dissertation topics

The process and system of higher education is a subject for academic research in itself. There is much to explore with dissertation topics in higher education management, efficiency, and the theory of university and college education. Starting from the history of higher education and ending with developing practical strategies for its improvement.

1. Origins of Doctoral Education in Medieval European Universities
2. Influence of the 1960s on Campus Protests in the U.S. on Nowadays Students’ Activism
3. Higher Education and Economic Value: The Question of Realistic Payment of Student Debt
4. Readapting Classical University Education to the Current Needs
5. Diversity and Inclusion Policies in Higher Education: The Office of Equity in Harvard University Case
6. Multicultural Curriculum: A Comparison Between Muslim Higher Education and Christian Private Colleges
7. Forum-Based Online Studying for Incentivising University Students
8. Virtual Exchange: A Strategy for Internationalisation of Study Programs in Universities
9. Online Higher Education: A Case for Students with Mental Illness Struggles
10. Influence of OpenAI Technology on the Future Student’s Evaluation in Universities

Business dissertation topics

The broad field of business studies stimulates endless academic research ideas. Ever-changing and always on-point, this subject allows a high level of personalization. From global trade to HR management, there are tons of dissertation topics in business. Whatever direction you choose, there are tons of topical business issues to cover.

1. AI-Based Tools and Business Decision-Making: Reshaping Business Data Analysis and Strategies
2. The Business Value of AI-Based Tool: Global Economic Impact
3. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software in Cost Optimization Processes
4. Dealing With Supply Chain Issues for Logistics Businesses During COVID-19 Pandemic
5. Defense Logistics Concepts: Sweden’s Business Adjustments During COVID-19 Pandemic
6. Impact of E-Commerce on the Country’s Economic Growth: A Case Study of China
7. Consumer’s Buying Decision in E-Commerce: The Impact of Influencer Marketing
8. Customer’s Retention and Brand’s Reputation Online: 2019 Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics Scandal and Brand Today
9. Sustainable Business Model Archetypes: A Comparative Study on H&M and Everlane
10. The Grey Area of Nepotism in Business Ethics: Loopholes, Family Loans, and Inheritance 

Dissertation topics in education

There are many ways to approach education dissertation topics. Education is not just about the institutionalized processes of learning. It also includes all forms of gathering and passing knowledge. Hence, a dissertation in education can be about an education practice in a tribe or a reform in a public school. Just remember to focus on a specific aspect here.

1. Influence of Non-Traditional Evaluation System on Intrinsic Motivation in Learning Process and Students’ Self-Esteem
2. Impact of Gentrification on High-School Students’ Future Education Prospects: A Case Study on Brownsville, NY Schools
3. Gatekeeping of Knowledge or Economic Necessity: The Rising Cost of Higher Education
4. Use of VR Technology for Practicing High-Risk Scenarios for Classes in Medical Schools
5. Online Learning and Inclusivity: A Case for Students With Disabilities
6. Wonderlic Test for Academic Assessment: A Case for Non-Standardized Testing
7. The Decline in Aspiration for College Education Among Teenagers in the U.S.: The Social Media Impact
8. A Part of Sex Education or Fruitless Initiative: Access to Birth Control in Public Schools
9. Increasing Student Mobility in the European Countries: ARQUS Case Study
10. Mandatory Homeschooling and Unequal Learning Opportunities During COVID-19 Pandemic

Finance dissertation topics

Focused on the processes and issues in financial markets, dissertation topics in finance address the changes and challenges in the field. With the introduction of cryptocurrency and global socio-economic shifts, there are plenty of topics to choose from. And here are just a few suggestions of relevant ideas for a dissertation in finance.

1. Fraud Prevention Strategies in the Use of Public Funds
2. The Increase Risks of Money Laundering in Metaverse
3. Tax Evasion and Financial Cyber Crimes Through the Blockchain Technology
4. Hedge Fund vs. Share Holding: A Case Study for Germany
5. Efficient Minimum Wage Strategy: How to Not Reduce Employment
6. Impact of Financial Intermediaries in Activating a Stock Market
7. Federal Trade Commission and MLMs: A Need for a Forceful Action
8. The Effect of Board Monitoring on the Relationship Between Corporate Trust and Dividend Payout
9. Encrypted Platforms for Online Payment: New Demands for Preventing Cyber Financial Fraud
10. Investment vs. Savings: The Best Budgeting Approach for a Household

Psychology dissertation topics

The psychology dissertation ideas have to focus on a relevant issue or discovery for the study of the human psyche and behavior. It usually includes a case study approach or experiment-based research. Depending on your specialization, you can pick anything from clinical psychology to mindfulness practices.

1. Limitations of HCL-33 for Differentiating Bipolar Disorder From Major Depressive Disorder
2. Enabling of High-Risk Behaviors on TikTok and Trigger Warning Responsibility in Food Content: A Case for Patients With Eating Disorder
3. Addressing Shame and Sexual Dysfunction in the Treatment of Sexual Abuse Survivors
4. Limitations and Challenges of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy in Disorders Triggered by Traumatic Events
5. An Evidence-Based Approach in C-PTSD Treatment
6. Aberrant Prefrontal Function and Anxiety Disorder: Detected Causalities and Meaning for Future Treatments
7. Shelters, Support Groups, and Meetings: Importance of Healthy Support Network for Patients in Substance Abuse Treatment
8. Mobile-Based Meditation Benefits for People in High-Stress Jobs: A Case for Nurses
9. The Problem of Assessment and Regulation of Online Mental Health Care Professionals: A Case Study on BetterHelp
10. Emotional Resilience and Gained Trauma in Clinical Psychiatrist’s Practice: Strategies and Solutions

Nursing dissertation topics

A very practical field of medicine, nursing is all about efficiency and problem-solving. Nursing dissertation topics cover a bunch of issues. Starting with medical assistance and ending with building emotional resilience, there are a lot of areas in nursing to address. Focus on what interests and worries you the most. And here are some suggestions to explore.

1. Nursing Care Standards: A Comparative Studies Between Private Hospitals and NHS Backed Ones in the UK
2. Neurodivergent Awareness Among Pediatric Nurses: Working With Child Patients with ADHD
3. Nursing Care and Treatments During High-Risk Pregnancy
4. The Issue of Nursing Infrastructure in Home-Based Palliative Nursing Care
5. Knowledge, Attitude, and Protocol for Nurses in Working With Victims of Domestic Violence
6. The Role of Nurses in Clinical Management: Taking Assertive Roles in Critical Situations
7. Nurse-Physician Relationship and Interaction During Emergency Situations: Strict Subordination or Shared Responsibility
8. Social Stigma in the U.S. Around the Role of Nurses in Comparison to Doctors
9. Online Learning for Nurses: Its Efficiency and Future Based on Experience of COVID-19 Pandemic
10. Including Self-Care and Resilience in the Curricular for Nurses in Training

Law dissertation topics

Writing a dissertation in law is a meticulous task. It’s important to stay up-to-date with all the changes in the documents and phrasing in law. Thus, law dissertation topics will revolve around the specific issue of the formulation and execution of legal documents. From international laws to local civil courts, there are endless options for your topic formulation.

1. International Humanitarian Law and Disability: Article 30 of the Geneva Convention
2. Evaluating Evidence in International Human Rights Court: Controversies and Biases
3. Online Law Enforcement in the Case of Copyright Infringement
4. Following the U.S. Advertisement Law in the CyberSpace: Loopholes and Challenges
5. The Impact of Brexit on Consumer Protection in EU Law
6. Misuse of Regulation About Manslaughter: A Preventive Strategy
7. Systemic Violence Against Racial Minorities in Criminal Justice: A Case Study on Death Penalty
8. War Against Terror and Enforcement of Criminal Law: The Consequences for U.S. Domestic Criminal Law and Racial Profiling
9. Law Enforcement and Pandemic Violation: The Problem of Sufficient Legal Action in the U.S. During the COVID-19 Pandemic
10. Public Safety and Gun Law: The Prospects of Legislative Movement on Gun Control After Parkland

Dissertation topics in management

Academic research in management focuses on theories and ways to fulfill management roles. A management dissertation topic revolves around the leadership approaches, human relations, and efficiency of the processes in any organization. Regardless of what direction you’re going to pursue, there are tons of management issues to cover with a dissertation.

1. Crisis Management Strategy: A Case Study on Italian Hospitals During the COVID-19 Pandemic
2. Management of Non-Government Organizations and the Role of Intrinsic Motivation Among Employees
3. Leadership Positions and Glass Ceiling Effect: Vulnerable Groups and Culturally-Sensitive Management Approach
4. Practicing Inclusivity: Study of Behaviors and Responses of White Male Top Management to the Appointment of Female CEO of Color
5. Empowering Staff: The Efficiency of Corporate Retreats vs. Monetary Incentives
6. Affect-Based Model for Assessing Employees’ Reactions to Organizational Change
7. The Role of Management Bringing in and Testing New Technology: The Case of ChatGPT
8. Mediation Role of Knowledge Management When Implementing Process Innovation
9. The Protocol of Customer Confrontation: Management Involvement and Assessment of Conflict
10. Adopting Organization Advancement Tools for a Small Team

Leadership dissertation topics

A dissertation in leadership studies covers tons of research fields and subjects. A broad idea of how to lead and unite people applies in almost any area, from politics to high school presidency. So, whether it’s a paper on rhetorical techniques in a leader’s speech or organizational leadership dissertation topics, they need significant narrowing down.

1. Rhetorical Devices in “Day of Infamy” Speech That Define Roosevelt’s Leadership Style
2. Leadership and Mediation: Necessary Combination for Managing Conflict That Involves Marginalized Groups
3. Adapting Leadership Strategies to Remote Office: How to Keep Everyone Together on Distance
4. Decision-Making in the Time of Crisis: The Experience of the 2009 Recession for Small Business Owners
5. Organizational Performance and Leadership: A Case Study on 2020 Amazon Workers’ Protests and Bezos’ Resignation From CEO Position
6. Bringing Up Future Political Leaders: Importance of Organizational Leadership Approach in Developing Countries
7. The Role of Empathy in Leadership Strategies: The Growing Desire for Justice and Accountability
8. Boot Camp-Style Workshops for Training Resilience Before Upcoming Team Assessment or Accreditation
9. Moderating and Mediating Mechanisms for Ethical Leadership in Public Schools
10. Limitations of Peaceful Protests and Leader’s Responsibility to Make a Call to Defense


Avoid general statements. Of course, you won’t be able to cover every aspect of your topic in a dissertation title. But if you want to catch your faculty’s attention, make sure to present a research problem in your title to a certain extent.

It could be useful to look up other dissertation titles from the previous year. Pay attention to the latest scholarly articles in the field as well. So, you can get both wording and relevance right when you buy dissertation online and place your order.

A dissertation requires novelty that is not necessary for BA or MA thesis. Thus, your topic needs to reflect a current and relevant issue. That means that a topic is discussed in academic circles or featured in the news. You can check out our list of top thesis topics in 2023.

Any professional at the write my dissertation for me service relies on topical issues when doing academic research. It does not always have to be a reflection of the current news. But the relevant topic needs to cover a case or an aspect that was not researched extensively before.

Reliable scholarly databases are your best friends here. Before googling the “unique dissertation topic in X,” try to search for dissertations that are related to your issue. Make sure that they are the recent ones. Otherwise, you’ll not find anything relevant.

After looking at credible sources, you can also hit education websites. Don’t waste your time on random blogs or posts from fellow students. These websites have professionals in the field to give you tips and even provide dissertation editing service if needed.

Two words: extensive research. Don’t just read on how to pick a dissertation topic. Make sure to do enough exploration on your topic of interest first. It will be a general idea initially. But only after reading credible sources on it you’ll be able to specify your topic.

Work with something important to you personally. Maybe it’s an issue that affects you or your close ones. Thus, you’ll have proper motivation and a clear idea of how to find a dissertation topic. The balance between academic and personal approaches will bring great results.


Picking a relevant dissertation topic in 2023 can be quite a challenge. Luckily, there are tons of ideas to explore. Even if it feels like there is nothing new under the sun, it all comes down to drafting a proposal and looking at a specific issue within the field. And if you have trouble doing it by yourself, turn to a dissertation proposal writing service for help.

This article gathered relevant topic ideas to awe your faculty. Hopefully, you found some inspiration for your next academic research in social work, higher education, business, education, psychology, finance, nursing, management, or leadership.

Remember that an excellent dissertation topic guarantees half of your success during the defense. So, if you have a great topic on your hands, you can order from the thesis service easily. Stick to the originality and research base when searching for a decent topic. And good luck!

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